1- Company identity: Sarfaraz Ama Engineering Company with the brand name of Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam  with the website address sarfarazco.com, which in this agreement is called Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam.

2- Customer: A person, institution, person or persons who use the products of Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam. In this agreement, you are called the "customer".

3- Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam has the right to update this document (which without any restrictions includes changing or deleting "Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam Services" as defined below) at any time and without notice to the customer. And it is up to the customer to be aware of the latest updated version of this document, which is available in the section of the rules of the portal of Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam (as well as the rules of Sarfaraz Ima Engineering of Akam), which can be viewed.

4- How the parties communicate with each other:

1-4 The method of documented communication between the company and the customer will be the buyer's email address and response to the support portal tickets whose user account is registered in the users' portal.

2-4 The method of documented communication between the customer and the company is to register the ticket in the support portal by receiving the ticket tracking number or sending a letter and receiving a written receipt from the company.

3-4 The use of e-mail by the buyer is possible to facilitate the work, but the documented method is not considered suspicious for the buyer.

4-4 The company is not responsible for the consequences and damages to the buyer who has not informed the company of his changed contact information through valid means.
Note: The company will be in contact with the customer only through the items announced above and will not have any duties and responsibilities in any other way.

5- Accuracy of information:
The Subscriber agrees to provide correct information to Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam by updating its information (when using Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Services and products) and Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam uses the information provided by the Subscriber to communicate with the Subscriber. If the information provided is inaccurate, vague or incomplete, or if the above-mentioned Ama Engineering has reasonable doubt about the inaccuracy, ambiguity, incompleteness or inaccuracy of your information. And block his account.

6- Disclaimer:
Sarfaraz Ima Akam Engineering is not liable under any circumstances for indirect and accidental damages such as loss of information, etc.) It may or may not be the common inability to use the products or services of Sarfaraz Ima Akam Engineering or the loss of information and files for any reason. Although Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam has warned of the possibility of such damages, some conditions of liability for damages may be excluded from the above cases, in which case the liability of Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam is limited by law. Subscriber agrees that under no circumstances should the maximum liability incurred by Sarfaraz Ema Akam Engineering for any possible damages exceed the total amount you pay for the services and products purchased.

7- No guarantee:

Sarfaraz Ima Akam Engineering violates any explicit or implicit warranty on sales, etc. Products and services are provided exactly as they are. Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam does not provide any guarantee that the products and services will meet the common needs, the services will not be interrupted, they will be error free and will be fixed with defects. Sarfaraz Ima Akam Engineering does not provide any guarantee about the accuracy and precision of the performance of products and services and the results of their use.

1-7 Causes of interruption:
Customer understands, accepts and agrees that if Sarfaraz Ema Akam Engineering realizes that the Customer has violated the provisions of this document in any way, Sarfaraz Ema Akam Engineering reserves the right to immediately, without prior notice. In this case, Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam will not have any religion and the customer acknowledges that he has no claim against Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam for termination of services, following the violation of the provisions of this document by the customer.

8- Billing period:
The issuance of a customer invoice or invoice may depend on various factors, such as the date on which the customer became the preferred customer of Emma Engineering. Providing Roham Web services to the customer in one (1) month is a billing period that begins on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the calendar month. The billing period will be renewed at the beginning of each month, until Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam receives a "cancellation request" from the customer (according to the cancellation clause in this document). The first period of the customer invoice starts from the day that Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam receives the order form. If Sarfaraz Ima Engineering receives the order form on the first day or the following days of the first day of each calendar month, Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam may calculate the rate per month based on the remaining days of that calendar month. Sarfaraz Ima Mohandes Akam reserves the right to change the billing period at its discretion at any time without notice to the customer, so that the bill may be issued to the customer more or less alternately. Times when the customer account Suspended will also be included in the billing period.

9- Assignment and customer representative:
1-9. The rights and debts of both the customer and the superintendent of Ima Engineering Akam (hereinafter referred to as the "Parties") under the provisions of this document, the successors, executors and managers of the parties

10- Minimum age:
1-10 The customer acknowledges and guarantees that he is at least 18 years old.
2-10 The customer agrees that any person under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian who accepts the terms of this document so that the minor can become a customer.
3-10 The main responsibility of the parent or guardian. The parent or guardian who accepts the provisions of this document on behalf of the minor will be the main person responsible for the full implementation of the provisions of this document, which includes timely and complete payment of the services of Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam.
4-10 The parent or guardian who has accepted the provisions of this document on behalf of the client, even after the client reaches the age of 18, will continue to be primarily responsible for implementing the provisions of this document, unless they have the written consent of Emma Akam Engineering.
5-10 Invalid acceptance (void). Any acceptance of the provisions of this document by a person under 18 years of age will be considered invalid and the provisions of this document will be void between Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam and the customer, to the extent that Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam is free from any duties and responsibilities in any way. , Which is the result of age or minor legal incompetence or customer use of the services of Akam Emma Engineering Akam, is innocent.

11. Force majeure, unpredictable:
Customer understands and agrees and agrees that Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam is responsible for delays in the implementation of the provisions of this document, order forms and other service contracts of Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam, which causes events beyond the control of Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam, including disasters. Natural, public unrest, riots, national disasters, earthquakes, strikes, fires, floods, water pollution, explosions, famines, labor disputes, public transportation problems, accidents, bans or government restrictions (collectively referred to as "force majeure") "We refer.), Yes, has no responsibility. Sarfaraz Ema Akam Engineering will make a reasonable effort to reduce and mitigate the effects of force majeure. Notwithstanding anything else mentioned here, the lack of financial resources will not be considered as a force majeure event, nor will any force majeure event suspend the obligation for overdue payments.

12. All notifications and announcements of Sarfaraz Ima Engineering Akam (except for violations of the agreement) will be published on the website. Notices of breach of contract are sent to the email or shared mailing address.

13 - Terms and conditions:
The customer guarantees that he has read this document in full and has had enough time to know the legal aspects of it or that he has omitted this work and therefore understands the terms and conditions contained in this document without any ambiguity and Agrees with them.