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Who are we?

Our activities are done in three groups. Technical and engineering services - Manufacturing company - Commercial export and import services

From the first day until now, we have been trying to guarantee our products and projects by providing scientific and experimental guidance, to achieve the desired result with customers, and in this regard, we have tried to use the latest equipment and science in the world and Also, expand the production and support of the research and development unit, be stronger supporters for our customers

The goals of our committed managers and expert partners are always to recognize the needs of customers and provide optimal services based on the most advanced new and sustainable technologies.

Creemos que el acceso a la sociedad de la información, así como la producción y distribución del conocimiento y el avance, requieren educación.

We operate globally

Sarfaraz Ima Trading Company Akam Engineering with many years of brilliant experience in the field of import, export, clearance of goods and also domestic and foreign trade services in all customs of the country with experienced staff in the field of trade, to provide the best commercial services at your service Dear traders is.

It should be noted that all business services are provided by providing economic code, value added certificate and official sales invoice. Contact us for any advice and purchase of goods

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Trading Company

Commercial - Technical and Engineering - Production

Trade services and clearance of goods - Export of imports - Clearance of goods - Allocation of currency in exchange - Customs clearance of work - Obtaining a license to order goods - Export and import and clearance of goods from EU member states - Export and import and clearance of goods from Turkey - Clearance of goods Imam Khomeini Airport Customs - Clearance of goods from Tehran Customs - Clearance of goods from Bandar Abbas Customs - Business Consulting

Our Team

Sarfaraz Ima Akam Engineering Board consists of people with national experience and engineering and doctoral degrees; Which are located in the existing positions according to the needs assessments; The condition is that the education is up-to-date and new; Training can be a multi-hour workshop or a long course; Sarfaraz Ima's engineering staff is required to obtain academic qualifications in line with the company's long-term plan; We believe that human beings have to test themselves from time to time to realize that there is still a long way to go, so the master of engineering, Akam, is very strict in updating the information of his forces.